Breed Health

The Midland Bedlington Terrier Club, National Bedlington Terrier Club and The Bedlington Terrier Association have jointly established a health committee called the Bedlington Terrier Health Group.

The Group comprises 2 members and a reserve member from each club. The MBTC representatives are Dr Hefin Jones and Viv Rainsbury. The Group has its own web site at

Everybody with the interests of the Bedlington Terrier at heart is urged to look at this site that contains up to date information about copper toxicosis, and guidance on a number of health issues that can affect the breed. Since the BBC programme “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” health has been at the top of the agenda for the Kennel Club that is drawing up a health plan for every breed. The Kennel Club has also just made it a requirement that every canine breed club must adopt a new Kennel Club Code of Ethics. A separate page has been created dealing with this. It is sufficient here to say that these moves in response to the adverse publicity generated by the BBC programme have caused quite a lot of friction within the dog world. This is really more about the way these matters have been handled rather than the principle with which it is impossible to take exception. Ever since its inception the health of the Bedlington has been at the top of the Club’s agenda, and the Club has long had its own comprehensive Code of Ethics covering not only the issues raised by the Kennel Club, but many others besides that are of concern to all dog lovers.

In conjunction with AHT scientists the Kennel Club has developed a various programmes to assist breeders to manage inbreeding, health testing and various other information. This can be found at

For the latest Kennel Club Breed Watch Booklet promoting the health of dogs go to