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Nobody can be absolutely certain about the origins of the Bedlington Terrier or when it first acquired that name. Different sources offer different answers. There are many Internet sites that offer some history, but the best overview is to be found in three publications written by the two best-known names in the breed - Ken Bounden and the late Ian Phillips.

These are The Bedlington Terrier by Ken Bounden (now only available in its second edition and available from our shop), The Centenary Book of the National Bedlington Terrier Club 1898 – 1998 (no longer in print) and An Eye For A Second Century both written by Ian Phillips.

Whatever the history all Bedlington owners will agree that these dogs make excellent pets, workers and show dogs. The breed standard says “Spirited and game, full of confidence. An intelligent companion with strong sporting instincts. Good tempered, having an affectionate nature, dignified, not shy or nervous. Mild in repose but full of courage when roused.” That is a description that is immediately recognised by any Bedlington owner. Anybody who buys a Bedlington and has room for more than one dog will very soon find themselves the owners of at least two. In appearance not everybody’s concept of a terrier, but just a short time in its presence soon demonstrates that the Bedlington is a terrier through and through

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